When you stop ‘observing’ your life and become
the designer of your life, everything changes.

Together, let’s activate your hidden manifesting power so each
morning you wake up next to your dream partner, with a
career that you love and money to spare, knowing that all that
you desire is easily within your reach.




8 x Divine Video Manifestation Training Modules

8 x LIVE Coaching Calls for each Module

PLUS: Each module includes accompanying ascension-activation
meditations, workbooks, downloadable PDFs and videos.

Module 1: Awaken Your Inner Goddess

Begin activating your Crystalline vibration as you end self-sabotage, open to more self love, and step into believing that you deserve the life of your dreams. valued at 497eur

Module 2: Divine Support from the Universe

Meet your angelic support team! I’ll show you the most powerful ways to connect with your angels so that you can ask for and receive their help to supercharge your manifestations 24/7! valued at 497eur

Module 3: Atlantis – Remembering the Golden Age

Activate the power of your past lives to unlock ancient wisdom hidden in your sacred DNA. Together, we’ll turn on your 5th dimensional magic in modern day life to attract more love, riches, and success. valued at 497eur

Module 4: Sacred Love and Crystalline Relationships

Release the karmic patterns keeping you stuck in relationship drama and people-pleasing so that you can create high-vibrational relationships.
valued at 497eur

Module 5: Divine Living

Turn your home environment into a golden goddess wonderland! Learn the secret keys to activating the Crystalline energy of your home to keep lower-vibrational energy out. This will increase your ability to dream big while supporting your wealth, ascension, and wellbeing. valued at 497eur

Module 6: Lightworker activation

Activate your divine healing and channeling abilities to bring crystal clarity to your life purpose. You’ll be making a positive impact on others with your sacred gifts in no time! valued at 497eur

Module 7: Manifest Your Dream Life Like a Goddess

Learn the ancient secret manifesting technique that will fine tune your manifestation magic to effortlessly design and create your dream life.
valued at 497eur

Module 8: Crystalline Goddess Transformation

Reverse aging to create deep vitality that will fuel your dream life. You’ll be guided through a sacred encoding process to program your Crystalline DNA with your highest potential. Start living the life you’ve always dreamed of! valued at 497eur

You’ll Also Recieve:

Your Crystalline Journey includes a sacred Manifesting Planner, that you can use over and over again to strategically dream up and design your dream life.

We’ll be taking this 90-day planner to a new level in this course as we integrate feminine cycles, lunar rhythms, and ancient Atlantean wisdom into our everyday lives.

This sacred strategy and planner will guide you in a process of divine feminine embodiment as you bring magical cosmic forces into your planning to upgrade and align every area of your life.

What the Crystalline Manifesting 90
Day Strategy and Planner is:

Join me in this 90-day journey to get crystal clear on exactly what you desire, create a daily devotion to your dreams, and radically change your reality!

These Divine Bonuses Will be
Yours When you Join Today Only:

EARLY GODDESS BONUS (LIVE webinar exclusive!):

The Golden Money Goddess:

4 week divine money training to shift your vibration from lack to unlimited abundance, so that money no longer holds you back from achieving your dreams. valued at 888eur.


Crystalline Manifesting Planner – 90 days to Your Divine

(a planner that will help you achieve all your manifesting goals – more money, love and healing) Valued at 44eur

Priestess Ascension Healing Sessions

5 x Divine group sessions with a High Priestess practitioners certified by Anu Grace. You’ll receive sacred oracle readings, coaching and extra energetic support. Valued at 997eur

Exclusive Crystalline Goddess Facebook Group

valued at 997



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