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You are ready for a big positive change in your life and deep down you ALWAYS knew that life has something much more to give but …

… Do you feel like you’re stuck in uncertainty and don’t quite know what you should do in your life.

… Wondering if you’re on the right track and it eats up your self-confidence.

…years are changing but those of your dreams have still not come true, you have not been able to experience a relationship of sacred love, and your financial situation has not improved either?

You have followed your life from the sidelines.

Life has happened for you long enough…

Your soul will THEN learn how to create a high-vibrancy and dream-fulfilling life.

Activate your hidden power of manifestation together so that you can wake up every morning to the feeling that your dream life is already here and now: you wake up next to your dream partner, get up to work you love, have extra money available and know that everything you want is within easy reach.


Get ready to take your power back and reclaim your dreams, whatever they may be!

You were not brought into this world to suffer or even have a life that is just ‘good enough.’
Join The Crystalline Goddess Academy today

The Crystal Goddess Academy is a vortex where you completely change your frequency from lack to fulfillment in all aspects of your life. You step into your own power in a way you’ve never done it before and learn to create true what your heart and soul really wants!

When you stop ‘observing’ your life and become the designer of your life, everything changes.
  • No matter how many books on manifesting you read and courses you take you still have not been able to manifest your dreams.
  • You know life has SO much more to offer, but you just feel stuck and don’t even know where to get started.
  • You feel like something is missing in your life, but you don’t exactly what it is.
  • You begin each new year realizing you aren’t any closer to having more money and your relationships are still filled with drama. In fact, feels like things are spiraling down even more.
  • You want to finally start making your dreams reality, but procrastination hits you every time.
  • Settling for less than what you desire has taken its toll and enough is enough…you’re ready to ditch unworthiness and claim your divine deservingness!
  • Your highest potential has been nagging you for years and even though you’re not sure exactly what it looks like to live your dream life…you are ready to rise!
  • You’re tired of doing this alone and are ready to be divinely supported in stepping into your manifesting power.

The Crystalline Goddess Academy was created to…

  • Turn you into a creatrix of instant manifestation (whether you are just getting started or already have years of experience manifesting, this TRANSFORMATIONAL program will take you to the next level). Whether you are well-versed in the world of manifesting your dream life or you are hearing the word “manifest” for the very first time, I promise we’re going to have an amazing time together.
  • Replace old paradigms of scarcity and struggle with ease and high-vibrational living
  • Heal your past as you release generational pain that is keeping you playing small
  • Increase your income, relax into more peace and joy, and receive more sacred love than you ever knew possible!

Inside this sacred vortex you will transform your frequency from lack to fulfillment — in any area of your life!

It’s time to clear out anything that’s been holding you back and open up to a life filled with joy and purpose! You’re about to become thoroughly intoxicated by the deliciousness of your own life!
It’s time to design the life you have always dreamed of.
Goddess, join me in this sacred 90-day transformation to radically raise your vibration and manifest your dream life!

You can’t stumble through your awakening and expect new formulas and patterns of action to just find you out there. In fact, our culture teaches us the complete opposite of magic, manifestation, and living in godliness!

The dream life you want may seem unattainable because what you have now in this situation… is not enough to take you there.

Your dream life is the most vibrating of your life.

The only way to get to life in that reality is that you are equally with the vibrational level of your dream life.

And right now, if you don’t live your dreams come true, you just don’t have it yet.

You don’t have to be ashamed of it, and you don’t have to blame yourself for it. I myself have been in the same situation, in which the vibration level brought me constantly money worries, interpersonal drama and anxiety about the future. But you too can change it.

Just think about what your life will look like a year, five years, or ten years from now, if you continue to implement the same thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors in your life?

Continuing your life without aligning with your dream life is like playing two discreet instruments at the same time.

Disharmony hurt!

The fastest and most effective way to become one of your vibrational levels with your dream life is to create a vibrational level change by activating the Crystal Goddess within you.

You will get all of this when you join the Crystal Goddess Academy:


8 MODULES that contain EVERYTHING you need to raise your vibration level and create the life you’ve always dreamed of! In the modules you will find meditation, workbooks, downloadable PDFs and videos that activate the resurrection.

The total value of the modules is 4,776e

Module 1: Awaken Your Inner Goddess

Begin activating your Crystalline vibration as you end self-sabotage, open to more self love, and step into believing that you deserve the life of your dreams.

Module 2: Divine Support from the Universe

Meet your angelic support team! I’ll show you the most powerful ways to connect with your angels so that you can ask for and receive their help to supercharge your manifestations 24/7

Module 3: Atlantis - Remembering the Golden Age

Activate the power of your past lives to unlock ancient wisdom hidden in your sacred DNA. Together, we’LL turn on your 5th dimensional magic in modern day life to attract more love, riches, and success.

Module 4: Sacred Love and Crystalline Relationships

Release the karmic patterns keeping you stuck in relationship drama and people-pleasing so that you can create high-vibrational relationships.

Module 5: Divine Living

Turn your home environment into a golden goddess wonderland! Learn the secret keys to activating the Crystalline energy of your home to keep lower-vibrational energy out. This will increase your ability to dream big while supporting your wealth, ascension, and wellbeing.

Module 6: Lightworker activation

Activate your divine healing and channeling abilities to bring crystal clarity to your life purpose. You’ll be making a positive impact on others with your sacred gifts in no time!

Module 7: Manifest Your Dream Life Like a Goddess

Learn the ancient secret manifesting technique that will fine tune your manifestation magic to effortlessly design and create your dream life.

Module 8: Crystalline Goddess Transformation

Reverse aging to create deep vitality that will fuel your dream life. You’ll be guided through a sacred encoding process to program your Crystalline DNA with your highest potential. Start living the life you’ve always dreamed of

You will also receive over 4 great bonuses worth over € 3,000 when you join the Crystal Goddess Academy now:

The high-vibration sister gods gather in their own crystalline Facebook group to receive peer support and share the journey to crystalline vibration.

In the group, you’ll find several dozen hours of recorded Q&A live encounters and crystalline energy-enhancing meditations.

(value 1997e)

You will learn to control your emotions and create positive change with this simple and easy-to-learn method. Includes coaching model training and supporting material.

(value 497e)

With this powerful manifestation tool, you will achieve your dreams faster and stay strongly on your right path of light.

Accelerate your resurrection toward your dream life with this wonderful diary of manifestation. This is your angel gate to move on to the dream life & amp; business to reality, one wonderful divine day at a time!

(value 397e)

In this deeply caring hypnosis experience and the accompanying workbook, you will find the secret to the very quick manifestation of the amount of money YOU NEED.

Need an extra € 100 a week? Here is your entrance ticket. Need € 243 for an unexpected car repair? This will help you. Manifest Quick Money Meditation shows you how to do it.

(value 497e)

I’m going to show you how to rewire your energy and Crystalize your DNA so that every cell of your body is in alignment with your visions, dreams, and manifestations.
Inside of the Academy you’ll receive deep teachings and trainings, live coaching, and be surrounded by a divine sisterhood that will raise your vibration and support you in this sacred transformation.
Students from The Crystalline Goddess Academy are raving about how they…


  • Feel like a millionaire
  • Have the unwavering support of the Angels in their life
  • Manifested unexpected thousands of dollars
  • Have met the love of their life and twin flame
  • Own their dream home
  • Restored self confidence
  • Rent a luxury home they had only dreamed of
  • Have found love with their husband again
  • Finally started their spiritual business
  • Completely changed careers to do something they love
  • Learned to set sacred boundaries
‘Doing’ all of the right things and waiting for the external world todistaisi your power to you…doesn’t quite work, does it?
That hustle only keeps you working harder and harder…while your dreams seem to be REPELLED by you!
You’re still beating yourself up for ‘failing’ again and not manifesting ‘fast enough.’ There seems to be a secret manifesting switch you just can’t find to turn it on!
I know that feeling, goddess.
You don’t have to give up on your dreams and settle for less.

When I didn’t know the secret to turning my visions and dreams into a reality in my day-to-day life, I struggled financially and was often a mess of anxiety.

As a single mom, I wanted a better life for myself and a better, happier mom for my two beautiful sons.

There was a profound feeling inside my heart and soul that having abundance, joy, peace, happiness, and fulfillment was possible, yet I couldn’t seem to work hard enough to make my dream life happen — and stick!

The struggle I was in just got worse the harder I tried to FIX it!
It wasn’t until I was activated and awakened by the ancient wisdom of Atlantis and the Crystalline Goddess way that I was truly able to become unstoppable in designing and manifesting my dream life.

Even though my experience of awakening was deeply spiritual, what I learned was incredibly practical.

Feeling like you just can’t quite get to that next level in your life is a common result of 3D living. At this lower frequency, you know there’s more, yet you can’t quite get to it.

As I applied the Atlantean processes to my life and shifted my beliefs, emotions, and energy into a Crystalline frequency, life no longer happened to me. I was able to rise into my highest potential.
I started designing my life intentionally using simple, powerful, down-to-earth practices to create a new life for myself.

And now, goddess, I can’t wait to share this powerful way of living with you as I have shared it with hundreds of other women worldwide.

Whether you’ve just started your journey with manifesting…

Or you’re ready to up level your life to a new dimension of ease, grace, and manifesting flow…

You’re in the right place.

In this angelic journey, you’ll reclaim your goddess power to become magnetic to all of the money, love, health, and happiness you could ever dream of.

If you really want to manifest a life that grows with unstoppable flow and alignment, you must have a solid emotional and spiritual foundation. The proven principles that I will teach you can be applied to finding love, healing your soul and creating financial well-being.

When you join The Academy, you enter a results driven experience.

You will immediately begin designing your dream life and taking action.

Get ready to unleash your divine life from the inside out.

The course materials are high vibrational yet down to earth and easy to follow. You’ll find my signature teachings are full of ancient wisdom that can be applied into your everyday life. This program is the fastest way to manifest your dream life.

You will receive a series of training videos, meditations and workbooks with each module that you will have lifetime access to.

Each module is specifically designed to build your dream-life blueprint, raise your vibration, and equip you effortlessly manifest more money, love, peace and all that your heart desires.

Your Academy experience also includes LIVE Q&A sessions weekly so that you have an opportunity to get personal guidance from me on your journey.

What is a Crystalline Goddess?
The Crystalline Goddess is a vibration within every woman.
When you activate your Crystalline Goddess frequency, you become irresistible to your dreams.
An activated Crystalline Goddess is…
  • a powerful manifestor.
  • fulfilling her highest potential
  • living a life of purpose.
  • highly intuitive.
  • confident in her divine worthiness.
  • fully in her sacred feminine power.
She does not play small to satisfy others.

She claims her dreams and desires — and then creates them.

She fearlessly stands in her divine sovereignty.

She no longer waits for permission from others to rise.

She trusts the universe to hear her every need.

She attracts love, money, health, and opportunities to fulfill her dreams every day.

She creates unstoppable success for herself.

She no longer tolerates mediocrity in her life.

She has no doubt in her dreams.

She is confident and clear in her vision and knows how to make that her reality.

She is a woman, RICH from the inside out…
in every way.
More love, joy, abundance, peace, freedom, money…
You know that it’s out there somewhere for you.
Let me help you turn on your hidden manifesting power so that your dream life will be divinely delivered to your doorstep.

Together inside of the Academy we will be doing deep vibrational work to:

  • Rewire old belief patterns that keep you stuck & struggling
  • Shift your DNA into a Crystalline frequency
  • Release past wounds, low-vibrational frequencies, and fears
As you discover, design, and align with your dream life inside of the Academy, you’ll learn all new ways to:
Design your dream life

Create your dream career

Think about and relate to money

Create and invest money

Communicate in relationships

Process and honor your feminine emotions

Follow feminine lunar rhythms for manifesting

Follow your soul calling

Handle past lives with power

“Life was “small” before working with Anu and more routine. I experienced many things limiting my life. I just went ahead on the same track without thinking about it anymore, that life could be something bigger for me. But working with Anu has opened up to me a whole new, great door to experience the fulfillment of myself and I finally feel worthy. I have now realized that there are no limits to what I can achieve other than what I have set for myself. But now I AM FREE! I feel that everything is possible. I didn’t even know a life like this existed, where I can be so happy and filled with joy! Finally, I am my authentic self!”

– Heidi Tulonen

Despite reading popular books on creating your dream life and manifesting, something still feels off…

One day you’re on top of the world and the next day you’re hit with a wave of anxiety, heavy depressed energy, or even a simple text message from a toxic friend or family member that triggers you and sends you into overwhelm.

Suddenly you’re scared, and about a million miles away from your dream life.
You are sooo not alone, goddess!
We’ve been taught a way of life that doesn’t honor our divine gifts or allow for sovereign connection with our power.

You may be searching for proof outside of yourself that your dreams are possible…so I’m here to end that search and guide you home to the inherent power that is within you — even if you seriously doubt it’s there some days.

Let’s turn that ‘little bit’ of magic happening in your life into more abundance with money, more confidence in your potential, more clarity in your life’s purpose…and let’s throw in some delicious twin flame love, too.
Inside of the Crystalline Goddess Academy, women are learning how to truly embody their Divine Creative Energy to elevate their frequency, so they don’t have to work so hard at manifesting.

When you bring creative flow into your life, you manifest with ease and grace. You fully step into the frequency you want to manifest and start seeing results effortlessly.
Are you ready to join this divine feminine resurrection??
Is this for me?
You’re certain there’s more to life but just can’t seem to figure out how to get it
Even though you’re connected to your spirituality, you struggle a lot in everyday life
You avoid the subject of money and finances, because it brings up so many icky feelings

You’re open to connecting with higher beings, even if the idea of it makes you a bit uncomfortable

You have relationship drama of any kind
You believe that hard work is the only way to riches, and you’re not willing to question that belief
You’ve never done any kind of spiritual work before, and Atlantis, and the idea of communicating with Angels doesn’t resonate with you
You believe that suffering is essential to the human experience
Your stomach turns when you hear people talk about unicorns and star beings
The bottom line?
Energetically, you must be ready to do the work. You have to believe there’s more to life, and be willing to do what it takes to get there.
Frequently Asked Questions
All of the materials are available to download in the members area, and you can download them to your computer if you want to ensure you have lifetime access.
You’ll get as much from this course as you put into it. I’m asking you to commit to attending each live call, watching training videos (60-90mins each module) and doing your workbook assignments, which will include a 20-minute daily ritual and Angel connection time using your 90 day Crystalline manifesting planner.
I totally get it! Life happens and sometimes other things get in the way of manifesting our dreams. You can send questions to our live Q&A in advance and listen to it later when you have more time. All calls will be recorded. You can make this course work for you no matter what your life situation is because you have lifetime access to materials. If you need to start the course a little later or take a few weeks break you, it’s totally fine as long as you decide to finish the program and see the results you want to see. Even if you are not sure about if you will be busy in the next 90 day, I suggest enrolling anyway and get the energy and action going for you so that you can immediately start rising up to your dream life.
We have a 14 day money back guarantee. If you don’t find what you need inside the Crystalline Goddess Academy you’re free to cancel during the 14 day trial period.

We just want to know that you have given this program a real chance to make a difference in your life so all we ask is that you complete your workbook assignments and manifesting planner daily journaling. We require you to send us the completed workbook to to show us that you made the effort to make this program work for you. Other than that, no questions asked.

We only want committed, light-seeking Goddesses in this group. So if that’s not you, you’re free to leave. If your cancellation comes late, you will be responsible to pay for the full fee of the program on time.
If you fully commit yourself and follow the proven manifesting strategies that I teach you inside the program then I am 100% convinced you will see your dreams coming true like never before! The possible becomes possible and your will start living a high vibrational dream life. However, if you don’t do the work then I can’t guarantee results. The work you do with yourself is up to you. This is a journey to taking back your goddess power and transforming your life! No one can do it but YOU. If you are willing to do the work, you will shift into a rich and beautiful life, inside out!
We’re going W-A-Y beyond basic manifesting tools like affirmations and visualizations (though we will use those!)

The focus of the Academy is to integrate new information and healing energy, to access the 5th dimensional reality, and understand the Atlantean frequency on a DNA level.

The healing happens on a cellular level. It’s much deeper than any work you’ve ever done before. We’re going into the earth, healing the soul’s desires and lighting the soul’s flame.

This is about reaching the very core of your human experience, identifying the blueprint you’re running and unlocking your DNA. The result is that you become a powerful manifestor.

Hey, goddess! I am Anu, the international best-selling author, a change of coach and lecturer.

Before I was a single mother, I suffered from anxiety and serious thinking about poverty. But with the regression therapy of past lives, I discovered the Golden Atlantis, the ancient Heaven on Earth society, and it changed my life.

I began to use this era of high-vibrancy life as my guide as I raised my vibrational frequency and manifested a joy-filled, rich, and full-bodied life.

Since 2003, I have worked with thousands of women and given them the courage to follow your own unique voice and excels in self-confidence that comes from a profound connection with the spirit world.

My work is powerful and life-changing. Your experience will be full of laughter, fun, and you will experience divine manifestation as you take over the power of God.

If you want to connect with your guides and communicate with the Goddesses and get both daily strength and guidance… voila! Here’s the front door, come in!

So, let’s not start…

14 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Does a little barricade arise in front of your dreams and you still hesitate to see if the Crystal Goddess Academy is for you? I fully understand, that’s perfectly normal! Take advantage of our money-back guarantee. You can try the school for 14 days and when you genuinely give it a chance and do the assignments and exercises and still feel it is not for you, we will be happy to reimburse you for your investment in return for the assignments. We just want a committed goddess to join in because we already know after hundreds of course changes that this works! So give this to you genuinely everything, so you thank yourself for the rest of your life!


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